Hedge Laying (and land rover)

Hedge laying

Hi, hedge laying season is here. Ive just finished moving/laying a hedge in Diggle. It was a difficult hedge as I had to change its direction of growth by almost 3 feet while retaining as much growth as possible.

  If you have a hedge that you would like repairing or laying please get in touch (more detail and outline costs are on the Hedge Laying page.

The land rover repair continues at a steady pace – it now has the axle in the right place and a new front driver’s side leaf spring.


Rose Arch at Life on Pig Row (and broken Land Rover)

Green wood craft

A quick update: here is a picture of an 8ft by 3ft 6in by 2ft unpeeled ash rose arch made for Andrew Oldham at Life On pig Row. Picture is provided by Andrew too. The extra supports shown near the bottom are temporary while the concrete goes off.  I delivered the arch in two halves in the back of our new old Land Rover (which is now temporarily out of commission due to a broken winch while rescuing it from a wooded hill)

Rain stopped, gate installed.

Gates, Green wood craft

 A commission for a garden in Marsden. (needs a latch thens its complete) The area where the gate is (up to the height of the wall) has spent most of the last two weeks under water!!






                                                                                                                                                      View from the other side. The gate is unpeeled ash. It was given a good soaking of linseed oil and turps mix then once dry given a couple of coats of yacht varnish. Ordinarily I might not use varnish but this has to survive spending time under water. If you are interested in a new gate and/or fencing then feel free to contact me. I am happy to do a site visit to discuss your needs. (Prices start around £60)

Up coming events (if the rain stays away)


30th June, Stall (with Rosie) at Two Gates School, Slaithwaite.  Looks a very exciting place with its own wood and den making area!. 

 29th July sees me at Beaumont Park, Huddersfield for their Gala Day (Yorkshire day early!). The wooded park is 21 acres of partially restored Victorian park with fantastic walks and views. Last year the event had nearly 6,000 visitors.

Other Yorkshire Day related events sees me at Crow Hill, Marsden (as part of National Trust Event) for Yorkshire Day (1st August for those non-yorkshire readers) Started in 1975 by Yorkshire Ridings Society ‘Yorkshire Day’ aims to celebrate (and promote) the historic boundries of Yorkshire.

2nd Stall


5th May 2012. Victorian Street Markett fair at Slaithwaite Spa. 1st test of our new ‘shelter’ and new sign (which isn’t on the photo!!) We both dressed up for the occcasion. Next event is just me at National Trust Spring fair, Marsden. 20th May 2012.


Education and workshops, Green wood craft, Hedge laying, Woodlands

 is a small business where nothing is wasted. It aims to manage woodlands in sustainable ways in order to: 

  • develop an economically sustainable business (using coppiced materials)
  • regenerate and improve biodiversity of those woodlands
  • encourage the social use of woodland

The main approach used is mixed broadleaf coppicing (specifically ‘coppicing with standards’, which preserves some larger trees within the coppice). As a consequence of using this method areas of the woodland are left at different stages of regrowth, providing habitats for a range of animals and plants.

Coppicing utilises and manages the natural regrowth of some tree species, cutting back in cycles of regrowth (3-40 years) small areas of woodlands, to provide material for production of greenwood crafts, charcoal and some wood fuel.

We provide the following services:

  • SustainableWoodlandManagement
  • Coppicing
  • Hedgelaying
  • Woodlandbased social and educational activities

 We produce the following:


  • Gates, hurdles, garden screens and fencing.
  • Garden structures – furniture, archways, trellises etc.
  • Pea and bean sticks, walking sticks


  • Artist’s willow charcoal
  • Biochar soil improver