More drystone walls!

Dry stone walling

Ive been working on this wall on and off for a little while now. Its just over 40metres long with a corner, 1.2ms high at roadside but built on a bank which was very steep in places so it varies between 1.5m and 1.3m on the bankside. Three diffent kinds of stone delivered (client was in charge of that) and used on three different sections but I dont think you notice.

wall 3

Thin stone end


Bigger stone, corner and wall end

wall 2

From bankside – cobbles are for the drive

Hedge-laying, log stores and dry stone walling

Dry stone walling, Green wood craft, Hedge laying

I’ve added some new images to the site. Recent commissions include 2 wedding arches, a log store and three gates. I’ve been busy hedge laying – picture shows 28ms of hedge layed in Lancashire & Westmoreland style (stakes every 3ft) Its a style that means the hedge is stock proof (its a sheep hedge) straight away. In this one I only had to add in one piece of brash (at the very end).

LH 2 LH 3

I’ve just started a big walling job too – various repairs (gapping up) rebuilds etc.