Penistone Show and Guisborough Forest Festival

demonstration, Hedge laying, Stalls

A busy weekend of demonstrating tool handle making at Penistone Agricultural Show (Pics to follow) and demonstrating hedge-laying at Guisborough Forest Festival.  (pics to follow) Both were busy with a lot going on that I didn’t get to see!. I met a couple of old boys who still layed hedges – “to stop it being too draughty for the sheep” 

Only managed 5m of hedge all day! so must have talked to a few people!!

News – National Trust plant fair, new stuff and moving to the cow shed

Education and workshops, Green wood craft, Stalls

new bits 006Had to use a gazebo at the weekend for the National Trust Plant fair as my canvas lean too is mouldy!! (I’m going to dye it). Made the last furniture I will be making at my old workshop – I move to my new workshop next week.



BioretortHave a new page advertising the courses I will be running. 1st one is June 29th – Biochar: A practical guide to producing and using Biochar, it’s uses, possibilities and limitations (More detail on the Course’s page)

Country show in the snow and hedge-layed, gaps planted

Green wood craft, Hedge laying, Stalls

Completed hedge As well as completing the Standedge hedge Ive been busy restoring another large hedge. This time it involved laying a bit, coppicing a bit and planting 320 hawthorn, blackthorn, crab apple and dog rose in the gaps.  It was a tough one trying to find time inbetween overnight frosts to plant/lay.


Fireside and garden Ive just made and sold a lot of this type of furniture, its fun to make with prices ranging from £15 – £35. get in touch if you would like any (its made to order at the moment)

Off to Country showOff to Slaithwaite

And finally me and my sandwich board off to Slaithwaite Country Show. I couldnt get the car out or get to my stock to have a full stall.



Up coming events (if the rain stays away)


30th June, Stall (with Rosie) at Two Gates School, Slaithwaite.  Looks a very exciting place with its own wood and den making area!. 

 29th July sees me at Beaumont Park, Huddersfield for their Gala Day (Yorkshire day early!). The wooded park is 21 acres of partially restored Victorian park with fantastic walks and views. Last year the event had nearly 6,000 visitors.

Other Yorkshire Day related events sees me at Crow Hill, Marsden (as part of National Trust Event) for Yorkshire Day (1st August for those non-yorkshire readers) Started in 1975 by Yorkshire Ridings Society ‘Yorkshire Day’ aims to celebrate (and promote) the historic boundries of Yorkshire.

2nd Stall


5th May 2012. Victorian Street Markett fair at Slaithwaite Spa. 1st test of our new ‘shelter’ and new sign (which isn’t on the photo!!) We both dressed up for the occcasion. Next event is just me at National Trust Spring fair, Marsden. 20th May 2012.