Dry Stone Walling

Dry stone wall West Yorkshire ted hughes 2

First image is a new build field wall above Todmorden – finished August 2015. The second is part way through rebuilding a retaining wall (with Hywel Lewis) at Ted Hughes’ old house!

wall1 wall 2

40m wall rebuild/new build above Slaithwaite.

Land of giants walling Land of giants finished

Land of the giants retaining wall!  – The stone was all huge.

DSCF1776 DSCF1775 DSCF1770 DSCF1772

Above are two recent rebuilds – The top two in Dobcross – a part retaining wall with hardly any batter (angle of wall)  ending at a wallend where the old wall continued but the client didnt want it rebuilding. The two below are in Todmorden again, this time a steepish hill (beautiful view though) with a decreasing in height curved wall at one end and  tied into an existing wall at the other end.




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